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The European Landfill Directive has driven the mandate to both monitor and minimise landfill emissions, and to recover energy from landfills through the use of flare stacks and gas engines. Over many years EMCo has gained wide experience of these processes; this means our engineers can work efficiently to complete these projects. In so doing they use a mobile laboratory and extremely accurate instrumental analysers to monitor and provide direct feedback on these emissions.

EMCo Air Quality Consultants holds UKAS and MCERTs accreditation for stack emission sampling under BS ISO 17025 for a typical landfill suite:

• Non-methane VOCs (BS EN 13649)
• Total VOCs (EN12619 or EN 13526)
• Carbon Monoxide (BS EN 15058)
• Nitrogen Oxides (BS EN 14792)
• Oxygen (BS EN 14789)
• Moisture (BSEN 14790)
• Sulphur Dioxide (BS EN 14791)

Sometimes dioxins, particulates or metals are required from flare stacks; EMCo hold UKAS accreditation for all these parameters.

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