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Over many years EMCo has gained huge experience of monitoring Clinical Waste, Hazardous waste, animal carcass, municipal waste and pyrolysis plant incineration processes. This important industrial sector is very tightly regulated, and the quality of the monitoring data is paramount. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a complete monitoring package in this sector via QAL2 and AST testing. This facility coupled with our long experience means we are able to complete MCERT projects with minimal disruption, in a highly cost effective way.

EMCo Air Quality Consultants holds UKAS and MCERTs accreditation for stack emission sampling under BS ISO 17025 for a typical incineration suite:

• Dioxins And Furans (BS EN 1948)
• Metal Suite (BS EN 14385)
• Mercury Suite (BS EN 13211)
• Hydrogen Chloride (BS EN 1911)
• Sulphur Dioxide (BS EN 14791)
• Particulates (BS EN 13284-1)
• Hydrogen Fluoride (BS ISO 15713)
• PAHs (BS ISO 11338)
• VOCs (EN12619)
• Carbon Monoxide (BS EN 15058)
• Nitrogen Oxides (BS EN 14792)
• Oxygen (BS EN 14789)
• Moisture (BSEN 14790)

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