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Occupational Hygiene (COSHH Monitoring)

Power generation is a vital part of industry. EMCo has a new mobile sampling laboratory designed for the monitoring of power stations, boilers and gas turbines; we also have a more portable system for less accessible sampling locations. We undertake work on many steam raising boilers systems and gas turbine facilities (including turbine mapping) and provide online graphic displays of real time monitoring data to enable gas engine tuning. We also offer the facility for in depth QAL2 and AST testing. A complete power generation monitoring package is always in keeping with M2 specified standards, and certified as MCERT when required.

EMCo’s expert consultants hold UKAS and MCERTs accreditation for stack emission sampling under BS ISO 17025 for a typical power generation suite:

• Carbon Monoxide (BS EN 15058)
• Nitrogen Oxides (BS EN 14792)
• NOx monitored Hot and wet for Gas Turbines
• Oxygen (BS EN 14789)
• Moisture (BSEN 14790)
• Sulphur Dioxide (BS EN 14791)
• Particulates (BS EN 13284-1)

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