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Many manufacturing and coating industries need to monitor their emissions annually. Over the last 15 years EMCo is pleased to have undertaken extensive monitoring and consultancy work for many clients on many different processes.

• Coating of aircraft and aircraft re-spray
• Coating of flexible films and print processes
• Sand Dryers and Roadstone Coating Plants
• Steel production
• Electroplating and anodising treatmenty plants
• Non-Ferrous Foundry Processes and sintering
• Reclaimed Wood Combustion Processes
• Toluene Di-isocyanate (TDI) Processes
• Die and investment Casting Plants
• Zinc and Zinc Alloys
• Animal Feed production
• Cyclone Efficiency Testing
• Pesticide and Insecticide Processes
• Manufacture and Granulation Chemical Fertilisers
• Textile and Fabric Coating and Finishing Processes
• Spray Drying of Ceramic Materials
• Drum Residue Reconditioning
• Semi-Conductor Production Plant

EMCo works on Top-Tier Environment agency site contracts, Part A2 processes and Part B processes.

If you need to enhance your current monitoring or are interested in a highly competitive quote, just get in touch; our response will be honest and accurate.

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