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Working with EMCo couldn’t be simpler!

The project flow for new clients is straightforward. You contact us and a senior consultant will discuss the project with you and offer advice. When the details are known (number of stacks, emission parameters and any legislative or MCERT requirements, or special features required) we will send you a quotation for the complete monitoring package. EMCo Air Quality works on your behalf at all times: all aspects of our work remain entirely confidential.

If a site visit is needed, a senior engineer will arrange a convenient date to review the site with you. This usually entails looking through the IPPC permits, assessing access and suitability of sampling facilities on site, and of course reviewing safety aspects of the project.

At this stage, guidance can be given on the sampling platform and any sample ports that may be needed. If a formal site specific protocol (SSP) is needed – mandatory for MCERT monitoring projects - this will be prepared for your approval and presentation to the authorising body.

Our site team will arrive on a mutually agreed date to undertake the monitoring. The senior project engineer on site will liaise with the site staff to ensure the project runs smoothly and safely, and with minimum of disruption. At the conclusion of the sampling the site team will review the project and discuss it with the site staff to ensure the work is completed and the client satisfied. All samples will be properly stored for shipment and sent to UKAS accredited laboratories for analysis. (except particulate analysis for which EMCo holds UKAS accreditation glossary term?).

The data will be analysed and prepared in the form of a two-part report: Part 1 contains a clear and concise summary of the results with comparison with your emission limit values; Part 2 contains detailed monitoring information, calibration and accreditation details. The senior project engineer will of course always be available to discuss the findings, and any queries you may have on the report or the work carried out. And to give you one less thing to do, we will contact you in good time to remind you when your monitoring is next due.

Please contact us to find out more.